December 2015

What a great social event was had by all. Peter and Paul (not dickie birds but committee members) hosted this fab event and a lot of thought had gone into making sure the last tasting event of the year was enjoyed by all.

At first they had fun with us, testing to see how many people were listening to the many speakers that had attended the tastings throughout the year and about the wines they had brought with them. We all stood up and answered ‘yes or no’ to the questions asked by placing our hands on our heads or our behinds! It was clear from the result that Eddy (the committee’s secretary) was definitely paying attention and won himself a bottle of champers! He is probably tucking into his winnings as I type this so cheers Eddy, well deserved!

A blind tasting then followed the quiz and four different wines were tasted. We were all given a sheet with options on of the type of grape, country of origin and region they could have come from. Great fun. This was then followed by a lovely buffet and more wine to taste to end the evening and the year. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do the ‘Frozen’ sing along that Paul had suggested and so we will have to let it go until next time!

Next year promises some great tasting events in the Wine Society’s Calendar and these shall be posted on here very soon.

A very happy Christmas to all. Make sure you eat, drink great wine and be merry!!

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